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Last words.
Sirius BlackAlbus DumbledoreCharity BurbageDobbyFred WeasleySeverus SnapeTom Riddle




Last words.

Sirius Black
Albus Dumbledore
Charity Burbage
Fred Weasley
Severus Snape
Tom Riddle

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If I didn’t want you to know that most of the Legendary Gear, (usually from the Test of the Spheres), is now available for purchase at the Wizard City Bazaar I wouldn’t tell you.

So, yeah, there’s now a fairly large amount of Legendary Gear sitting in the Bazaar waiting for you guys. Get clickin’.

Picture 1: My signature location, but without my signature gear! I’m now temporarily sporting the actual look of the Legendary Storm Gear - all except the Storm Ring, which is bugged to have a Level 59 requirement.

Picture 2: My nutty stats! It’s freaking ridiculous! That ring would be a nice addition… *licks lips* Can’t wait for 59! (Note: This isn’t in the picture, but my Power Pip Chance is now a solid 80%. The “59” ring boosts this quite nicely…)

(I got Wizard101 to work on my TV through some cables! Videos coming soon! It’s really neat.)

Just Be Nice To People.

As humans, we’re given the capability to do great things for one and other. We’re also given the capability to do things that hurt one another. 

It’s easy to choose to hurt someone - especially as a bully. In a group with people that intimidate you, so why not be unkind to someone else? 

Does it really matter? Yeah, folks, it does.

Today, two things have given me hope and I hope they will give you hope to in any hard time you might have. 

The first thing today happened in my Latin class. There is one high schooler in the class who is really cool. He’s into computers, WoW, logic, politics, comedy, etc. Sounds like a cool dude, right? Well, some people don’t like him. They’re in high school also, but they contradict every word he says. It’s really awful.

All he’s trying to do is say what he means and mean what he says… What he’s interested in and believes in! It makes me really sad how these people torment him, and it’s visible. You can notice his face light up and then fall every time they say something derogatory to him.

This shocked me. First of all, I had only known bullying as a middle school thing. I had never seen bullying on this scale, to see someone completely isolated like this, especially a high schooler. You would have thought they’d have gotten over it, grown up. Sadly, no.

So I tried to give the kid some hope. I stick up for him to his bullies, even though they’re bigger than me, and it’s hard to do. But do it anyway. Stand up for people. I know myself how much better it makes a victim of bullying feel when they have a friend who won’t contradict them, and who will boost their morale.

So just be nice to people.

I also heard today a scenario from the life of another Wizard101 blogger. Things are very rough for him/her right now, and I want him/her to know that I give him/her my full support and that he/her can rise to any occasion, however he/her wants to. We’re all behind you, so try not to feel so down. We’re all real people living on this earth that care about you, so think about that when you’re down, ANYONE who’s having any issues. Think that there are people you have never physically met that care about how your day was, and if you are treated with respect or not. 

I really don’t know why I wrote this rant, but I think it’s because I want to give people hope. You aren’t going to always be in the bad position you might be in now. Things WILL GET BETTER, like they did for me when I moved to a different school, they WILL, and you WILL be successful in life. People can achieve really great stuff.

I know that just from blogging in this fabulous community where people can be themselves. 

Because I believe that people can just be nice to one another. But it can only happen if everyone, well, is. So just be nice to people, guys. It will make them feel good. 

Well, thanks for reading. No Audio Diary tonight. See you in the Spiral.

What kind of wand are you?


  • December 24 - January 20 = Birch (Beth)
  • January 21 - February 17 = Rowan (Luis)
  • February 18 - March 17 = Ash (Nion)
  • March 18 - April 14 = Alder (Fearn)
  • April 15 - May 12 = Willow (Saille)
  • May 13 - June 9 = Hawthorn (Huath)
  • June 10 - July 7 = Oak (Duir)
  • July 8 - August 4 = Holly (Tinne)
  • August 5 - September 1 = Hazel (Coll)
  • September 2 - September 29 = Vine (Muin)
  • September 30 - October 27 = Ivy (Gort)
  • October 28 - November 24 = Reed (Ngetal)
  • November 25 - December 23 = Elder (Ruis)


Leviathan, Obtained.

Well, for everyone who was checking my Twitter feed today (@mooncatcher101) you’ll know that I now have the power of the Leviathan on my side. Cool, right?

I have to applaud KingsIsle on these Level 58 Spell Quests. Each school fights a different boss, and each boss takes a very different strategy. I find it compelling how different Wizards will go towards these duels with different views.

If you’re like David, you might buy up all the Life Henchmen you can get your cursor on. If you’re like me, you might rely on Gargantuan Treasure Cards, Elixirs, and Shields. 

So that’s cool. I like that. 

Well, you know, I would post a play-by-play guide on how to defeat the Storm quest boss, but this guide from Wizard101 Central was really key to how I did it. If you are happy with your gear by the time you get to Level 58, you can just ignore what is said in the guide about gear. 

It’s the deck outline in there that really helped me out. I put in my deck everything that this guide recommends, but I included three Storm Elemental (Minion) cards and 3 Vengeance (I think this is how it’s spelled) cards from the Star School.

I went into the fight wearing two Elixirs (courtesy of one Cassandra LifeCaster whom I would like to thank very much); one that gave me 500 bonus health, and one that gave me 120 Critical Hit Block Rating. (If you only have enough Crowns for one of these Elixirs, I’d go with the Critical Block one. This boss tends to throw out a Critical Helephant or Natural Attack on the first chance he gets.)

The reason the Storm Minion is an okay asset in this fight is because all it does it put up Elemental Shields on itself and taunt the opposing boss (usually, although it is known to throw down a Ghoul occasionally.) Since the boss in this fight is Fire, the minion is a great thing to have if you’re completely broke on Crowns and can’t get an Elixir. 

When it comes around to the strategy in the guide I linked, I wouldn’t worry about following it word for word too much. You’re going to get hit the first with something, so put up either a Life or Fire shield. Otherwise, take out the minion first with a Gargantuan Triton, and then keep on hitting that boss. REMEMBER: Shielding and Critical Block are your only chances of staying alive in this fight! Shielding is more important here than doing damage, and don’t risk the chance that your attack will work compared to your shield. 

Trust me. I’m an expert. 

Thanks for reading! Hope this elaborated strategy helps all Diviners in need. Feel free to contact me on Twitter or email ( if you have any questions about this strategy or anything else.

(I will review this in my segment on the third Ambrose 2 Zeke Podcast.)

Squibs would not be able to attend Hogwarts as students. They are often doomed to a rather sad kind of half-life (yes, you should be feeling sorry for Filch), as their parentage often means that they will be exposed to, if not immersed in, the wizarding community, but can never truly join it. Sometimes they find a way to fit in; Filch has carved himself a niche at Hogwarts and Arabella Figg operates as Dumbledore’s liaison between the magical and Muggle worlds. Neither of these characters can perform magic (Filch’s Kwikspell course never worked), but they still function within the wizarding world because they have access to certain magical objects and creatures that can help them (Arabella Figg does a roaring trade in cross-bred cats and Kneazles, and if you don‘t know what a Kneazle is yet, shame on you). Incidentally, Arabella Figg never saw the Dementors that attacked Harry and Dudley, but she had enough magical knowledge to identify correctly the sensations they created in the alleyway. — J K Rowling (source)
If I die right now, it’ll be, like, horrible. — David TitanRider
The Leviathan is an ancient sea-beast, a dweller in the deepest waters of the Spiral. — Torrence the Storm Tree

Gardening… It’s A New Kind of Awesome.

Well, I’ve had some time now to test out the new system expansion (as Friendly predicted!) and I can only say good things about it.

1. Lower Level Appeal and Ease

This is what I think makes the Gardening system stand out so much. Every starts out the same here. An Apprentice Wizard could be two times the better Gardener than a GrandMaster or Legendary Wizard very easily. This was one of my problems with the Advanced Pets Expansion; KingsIsle said that it everyone would be able to play it on the same level, but they restricted access to the Pet Pavilion until Level 7. Once Level 7s got there, I’m sure that many of them felt a little bit… confused. Gardening has a very simple system where you can only buy plants in a higher up area if you have that level in Gardening. With the Advanced Pets, you could train a high level pet without a Pet Training Level or anything like that.

2. Magic Outside of Duels

This is really one of the only times we’ve seen ourselves actually been able to do serious magic outside of duels. It doesn’t do damage to anyone, but there’s actual cards we click on to make changes to our environment. It’s what people have been asking for for a while.